Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering September Eleventh

September Eleventh
By Sylvia Van Peebles

You did not know when you awoke that you would not return,
to the ones you love whom you hold dear,
the ones you left to mourn.

It was early when the enemy struck as the planes came one by one,
and flew into those pillars of trade,
down they came, the evil deed done.

Such a senseless act not understood by anyone that day,
to bring such pain to so many,
in such a horrible way.

Fathers, mothers, children, cousins, grandparents and others,
friends and neighbors, aunts and uncles,
our sisters and our brothers.

Even now it’s still so fresh; our grief is still so great,
will I ever see a Muslim,
and not be filled with hate?

We are in a time and world when wars will never cease,
we have to learn to work together,
if we’re ever to find peace.

Remember those who died that day with love and not regret,
September eleventh is a day,
we will never forget.

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