Monday, November 7, 2011

Are there any true leaders left in America?

By Sylvia's Thoughts

My fellow Americans, this time next year the country will be getting ready to elect, or re-elect, a president. Unfortunately it will once again be only a person with a title and position, for we ran out of leaders, of any color, in America a long time ago. You see leadership has nothing to do with position, title, influence or authority. Leadership, ladies and gentlemen, is about servanthood. A true leader has a servant’s heart. A true leader is the first one in and the last to leave. A true leader eats only after all of his people have eaten. A true leader protects and defends those he swore allegiance to; even at the risk of personal loss.A true leader is honest and has integrity whether or not it makes him unpopular. A true leader watches over those least able to help themselves; the poor, the elderly and the disabled, and does not steal from them. The absence of leaders is countrywide and across the board; not only federal government but state, county and city as well. And the biggest problem is we keep mistaking celebrities for leaders.

We have become a people who value fame, celebrity and wealth above everything else. That’s what the “American Dream” has become. In fact, we’ve become so indoctrinated into embracing the “dream”, every four years we believe the lies and liars when they tell us they know how to make it happen. Then, after the election when none of those promises come to fruition, we’re looking to see whom we can blame. At this point we ought to stop and go look in a mirror. We do it to ourselves. We continue this cycle religiously every four years always looking for something to be different-and it never is. Last time I checked, this is the definition of insanity. The love of money truly is the root of all evil. Look at where it has taken this country and its people.
Let’s look at the justification we are given behind constantly invading other countries and getting our young men and women killed.Humanitarian intervention has become a little hard to swallow since we could be accused of the same offenses. Corrupt political figures, grand theft from the citizens, manipulated media and greed; need I go on? It is a certainty that you do reap what you sow, so if I were America, I might be a little concerned about someone invading us for “humanitarian” reasons. We read what has been carefully prepared for us with just the right slant.Next time, research that publication, website or network and see who owns it, runs it and financially supports it. Then you’ll understand why it has the views it does. Sadly, so many who report the news have prostituted their objectivity and integrity to the people for a byline and a paycheck. News is no longer objective; it is subjective to those who pull the strings-especially White House administrations. This, and the “Fear Factor” is how we are manipulated into giving our permission for invasion after invasion, loss of privacy, etc. I’ve been a pro at connect-the-dots ever since I was a kid. Americans should embrace the game again.
America’s elected officials think that their citizens are stupid, and so far we haven’t given them any reason to think otherwise. If I’m labeled crazy, or a kook, or conspiracy theorist I’m in unimpeachable company. For decades the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Senator William Jenner, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy have tried to warn us about where we were headed.We didn’t listen then and we’re still not listening. How did we sit still while the men and women, who robbed the American people, not only evaded prosecution but were given obscene salaries and bonuses? Some even ended up with cabinet positions overseeing the country’s money? We should have been in the streets then. In fact, we should have contacted France and asked to borrow their guillotine because lots of heads definitely needed to roll. A just government would have prosecuted them to the fullest extent of the law, confiscated the funds and returned the money to the investors. But then, those people and their ill-gotten money funded the political careers of most of the country, not to mention personal favors.
How those in power must love watching us fight with each other. The democrats are fighting the republicans, gays are fighting straights, blacks are fighting whites and everybody’s fighting the Hispanics.As long as they can keep our focus elsewhere, we won’t be watching what they’re doing; so they keep the pot stirred and the infighting going.And the minute someone starts a movement to actually do something about our plight, we attack them. Yes there are some kooks, there always are in a fledging group. By keeping the focus on them, it discredits the movement and damages its effectiveness. This is the goal. The people are the only ones who can bring about the needed change.But will we? Will we allow ourselves to be inconvenienced enough to give up what is required in order to gain something much more valuable; that something being our freedom? We are still fighting for it. We have never stopped being slaves to a system that undermines and demoralizes its people at every turn. Do we have any Harriet Tubman’s, Sojourner Truth’s or John Brown’s who are ready, willing and able to die, if necessary, to lead a rainbow of Americans to true change and freedom? It’s a question that begs an answer.

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